My Start of taking Ardyss Le'Vive

This is me at 185 lbs before I started on Ardyss products. My name is Tanya Graves. When I was introduced to Ardyss I was only in it for the money. I didn't really care too much about losing weight because, well, I thought I looked good with it. I never got any complaints at home so why try to lose anything. However, I wanted to know if the products did what they claimed before I dumped all my eggs in this basket.

I started with their Levive and Body Magic to see if what they said were true on how it corrects your posture and pull your organs back into alignment. They also say that the Body Magic will help you slim down in inches over time. Naturally, I was an unbeliever. If this thing really works it wouldn't matter if I used a Body Magic or an h-bandage to wrap around my stomach. But, I wore it anyway.

The Levive, on the other hand was a different story. I heard of people raving about how it cleaned out their bodies and help them loose weight without having to diet and seeing the results made me believe their testimony a bit more, I still had to see it for myself.

Ardyss Claims that the Body Magic help drops inches off your waist line over time of use and help re-position your organs while also helping your posture. They also claims that their Levive will help rid your body of toxins, heal damaged cells, and help improve your overall health while allowing your body to loose fatty cells all without dieting. Okay, so, I put their claims to the test. For the next 4 months I didn't use any other products including posture pillows for your back and other weight loss and health supplements. I continued to eat whichever way I chose to. I didn’t diet for one moment.

After 4 Months testing out Ardyss

This is me 4 months later and 50 lbs lighter without the Body Magic on. I felt wonderful! My clarity and my mind was sharp as a tack. My back issues were gone and the most surprising thing was how my C-section scar pain finally disappeared. After my son, which was 40 Years ago, I always had this pain where my C-section was. The outer part healed, but I always had pain on the inside. Most of the time it was just when I moved a certain way, but when there was bad weather I had to take painkillers to get through it. To my surprise the Levive finally healed my scar.

Not only did I loose weight and my health was improving, but also my pain was gone. I haven't had so much as a cough in 5 years since using Ardyss products. My husband would come home with colds and I would take Ardyss Multi-Plus and put it in his tea before he went to bed and he would wake as if nothing happened. When I told him what I was doing he started to take the products. Now, he is as healthy as an ox!

I did loose too much weight, though. My husband told me to stop taking the products so I can put back on some my weight. He didn't like me so skinny and people used to think I was sick because I looked anorexic. I put on a few pounds to fill out my face but after that I continued to drink my Levive and my Cran-Aloe.

I have tried most of Ardyss Products and the ones that stand out the most for me and my husband is Levive, Cran-Aloe, and Multi-Plus. These are the products I use on a daily basis and love to use them. Other products on the market taste like, well, bad. That's all I'm saying about that because I don't like putting other products downs which is why I'm not listing any, but, Ardyss products all taste good and make it very easy to use them. I still wear the Body Magic from time to time to keep my posture correct, but I had to get a smaller size to fit my new body.

How I Use Ardyss Products:

Every morning I start out with my Levive, Multi-Plus, and Cran-Aloe. I put each dose into a bottle of 12 oz of water and drink it throughout the day. That's it. That is all I do. You would think it was more to it than that, but it isn't.

Children can take it too!

I have grand babies and sometimes they come over with colds. All I do is give them a dose of Multi-Plus each day they're with me and by the time they go home they are cured. Multi-Plus is great to keep your children cold free during the school year.





Ardyss Products are based on making you healthy. They are designed to get rid of diseases, viruses and cells that causes harm to your body. The weight loss benefit is just that a benefit. Now, I know the main reason why you're looking at this is to lose weight, but hear me out. A healthy body will shed that fat so fast it will make your head spin. Why, because your body doesn't have use for the fat if your body is functioning correctly. A clean healthy body means a slimmer happier you!


Still Don't believe Levive is worth a look? Check out what a Survivng Cancer patient has to say about Levive.

After Pastor Wellington testimony you are STILL not convinced I don't know what to tell ya. This is the best I can offer you. Ardyss Levive works. It helps you loose weight by cleaning your body of all that filth and then repairs it from the inside out. No other products that I have heard of can do all that.

You have a choice to make now. Do you continue have health issues and having an extra person walking around with you for the rest of your life or do you take you life back and get healthy? It is up to you. But, for my house, and me we believe in a healthy body so we can enjoy our life.