V3 All Natural Ingredients are designed to help increase your energy, boost your mood and slam your appetite.

Ingredients: Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), Vitamin B12, Calcium (Aquamin F), Magnesium (Aquamin F, Carbonate), Zinc (Gluconate), Chromium (polynicotinate) & Caffeine (Natural)



The Story:

This was me 5 Months ago. My name is Gary and I have struggled with my weight ever since my first car accident. Before then, I was a Ripped Wrestling Beast. Okay, Yes, it was over 10 years ago and I was fresh out of High School, but that's beside the point. The point is I never had a fat cell on my body. One car wreck and 2 year of recovery, my sexy body with the 13 pack abs and the sleek waste line was all but gone. I figured it would be easy to get back to the shape I was in. All I had to do was hit the gym again. Sure, it works for So many these days, right? Fast forward 8 years, 2 kids, a wife and an extra person growing around my 8 pack abs; ripped arms and sleek waste line. I weighed in over 300 lbs! 10 years ago, I couldn't hit 190 lbs if my life depended on it. My wife, on the other hand, went right back to her solid 148 lbs after the babies. In 10 years she's gain only 10 lbs! And she is a mother of two! I thought women was suppose to get the pregnancy weight. I guess we swap on that deal.

At this point, I'd already tried diets like The Atkins Diet, Hcg Diet while shooting myself with some mystery juice, I tried eating like a bodybuilder; mostly protein, very little carbs and NO TASTE! I tried the flip side also. Eating like a Run Way Model. I now know why these women are SO Freakin Mean! They're Starving! I tried fat burners like Stackers and Hydroxycut. If my heart didn't kill me from clunking out under the over work these pills gave it, my attitude would have! I was so hateful. My mood was in the toilet most of the time and I had the worst jitters. Then, a friend of mine told me about Voyager V3. I figured what the hell, I've tried everything else why not give this a shot.


This is me Today! After just 5 months on Voyager V3, I was able to loose over 50 lbs! Who would have thought that a FaceBook shout could result in weight lose. As you can see, the weight wasn't in my muscle, either! This was pure Fat! Other diets and pills help you loose weight but not the weight you want to loose. Its either water weight, muscle lose or bowel weight. But, as soon as you resume normal living again, the weight comes back; Unless of course it was muscle lose. Muscle doesn't come back unless you workout everyday. That extra pounds is...well take a guess.

Now, I am only 40 lbs away from my goal and I believe that I will get there with V3. No other supplement gave me all these benefits with no side effects, well, almost no side effects. The biggest and only complaint I have from V3 is the crash after 6 or so hours. I haven't heard of any other person that has experienced crashing, but I do. I couldn't call this a review if I didn't tell you the side effects. I feel like I ran a marathon. I just want to sleep when i get home. This isn't a big enough reason to stop taking them, by any means. I just take them after 12 noon. This way I get through my day without being caught out during the crash period.

The Not So Good News:

This wouldn't be complete without telling you about the down side of V3. As I said, I crash after 6 or 7 hours. This is the biggest side effect that I've had on this product. Without fail, by 9 o'clock I'm done in. My mood is still wonderful, but my energy level drops off. Again, this could just be me. I mean I've asked around and couldn't find anyone else that suffers from this side effect, but because I do, it is imperative that I mention it.

You are going to visit the bathroom a lot often. Urination goes up. Now, here's the thing. I can't actually blame V3 for this. You are supposed to drink lots of water while on the supplement. Actually, you're supposed to drink lots of water anyway. Hydration is very important. So I guess this isn't a side effect directly linked to V3, but I felt to mention this, as well.

This side effect isn't all that bad, but it can be if you don't monitor it. Not wanting to eat. Listen, I am a big eater. I love to eat! Now, when I say I have trouble remembering to eat because, well, I'm just not hungry, YOU CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK! I have my Blackberry set to go off every 2 hours to remind me to eat something. It could be anything as long as I get something in my stomach. You'll be so busy going about your day that by the time your day is over, you'll realize that you haven't ate all day long. This is not a good thing. You still need to eat. Sure, you have enough fat storage to keep you going which is why you're still up and about, but this doesn't mean this is the way you should live. Especially for me. I am trying to build as much muscle as I can. I have to get some good protein to my muscles for them to grow. So, not eating is the worst for me.

Trust me, I know how hard it is for you to believe. The only way you can be sure is to try it for 30 days for yourself. Voyager has a Money Back Guarantee! Yup! You don't like V3, then send back the bottle of whatever you didn't use and get your money back. Done deal! The only thing that is stopping you at this point IS you!


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All kidding aside, You owe it to yourself to try this! I mean Really owe it to yourself. Think about all you've been through. The stares; The health issues; Family Mockings 'Boy, You got BIG'; Fear of the Beach; Feeling Unattractive ... The list goes on. You've tried everything else and it didn't work, right? Well at least this time if it doesn't you'll get a Full Refund.

But, what if it does Work? What if this is the last product you'll ever need to buy? What if this time next year everyone that hasn't seen you in a while jaw drops at the new slim you? What in the WORLD do you have to loose, other then unwanted fat? I'll answer that one for you, NOTHING! Absolutely NOTHING! But, go ahead. Stay skeptical. Keep thinking that everything on the net is a lie. Keep fooling yourself that these pictures and testimonials are fake. Go ahead, yet, another year feeling all the horrible feelings of disappointment. It's your life and your Choice!